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      Pinzhi Medical

      GuangZhou Pinzhi Medical Device Co.ltd was established in 2016, company is located in Ke Mulang Software Park,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,China. It is a comprehensive company focusing on the field of Human in vitro assisted reproduction and committed to research, development, production and sales of medical products in the field of assisted reproduction.

      With the enterprise philosophy of “Innovation, Focus and Quality”, the company is committed to providing quality products and services in the field of assisted reproduction, The company has established q quality management system in strict accordance with standards and regulations such as GB/T 19001-2005 idt ISO 9001:2005 quality management system requirements ,YY/t0287-2017 idt ISO 13485:2016 medical device quality management system application requirements, and medical device production quality management specification appendix aseptic medical devices, The general program of quality management system, “quality manual”, is used to guide the R & D, production,quality control and other processes to ensure the products safety.

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