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      Pinzhi Medical

      With the delay of pregnancy age, the decline of sperm quantity and quality, and other health problems, pregnancy has become a very difficult thing. According to the survey, the infertility rate in China has reached 12.5% - 15%, and more and more families have a sharp demand for assisted reproductive medical technology.

      Since the first test-tube baby was born in Beijing in March 1988, it has been 30 years since the application of human assisted reproductive technology in China. The scope and technical level of assisted reproductive technology in China are equal to the international level.

      Up to December 31, 2016, there were 451 medical institutions approved to carry out human assisted reproductive technology and 23 medical institutions approved to set up human sperm bank. China has become the country with the largest demand for assisted reproductive health care.

      However, at present, most of the medical products used in assisted reproductive technology are imported. When the total number of treatment in all reproductive centers in a foreign country is only equal to the number of annual treatment cycles in a domestic reproductive center, can the imported products meet the needs of treatment well? Can we better solve the problems caused by the huge treatment base? Based on the domestic technology and application status, Pinzhi team is determined to start with innovation, focus on the research and development of products and services in the field of human assisted reproduction, and to ensure the quality by strict quality control. "Ivfonly" brand takes "IVF only, only for IVF" as the brand slogan, and is committed to creating higher quality products, helping China and even the world to achieve higher achievements in the field of reproduction, realizing the dream of millions of infertile couples having children, and passing on happiness.

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