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      Smart Embryo Freezing Storage Process
      Part1 Part A Cryotube

      Protect embryo safety

      Part2 Storage Box

      The total volatilization time of stored liquid nitrogen is more than 5 minutes

      Part3 Liquid Nitrogen Tank

      Use square canisters

      Part4 Embryo Position Management System

      Intelligent embryo information management

      Microtube Ensures Safe And Successful
      Vitrification Of Oocytes And Embryos With Stable Result

      PinZhi cryotube is made of polypropylene injection molding, and the embryo loading area of the rod is divided into two parts, the rod loading area and the tube body, which are processed by special process. Meanwhile, the embryo is not easy to slide during loading and easy to fall off during thawing. In addition, the blue identification key helps to clearly distinguish the rod loading area.

      Safe Materials

      Medical grade PP material (polypropylene), light, strong toughness,good chemical resistance, suitable for long-term use at low temperature.

      Strict implementation of national quality safety standards, through the national biological toxicity and other tests.

      The first cryotube complete the rat embryo test in China.

      User Friendliness

      Blue Mark:The spiral opening segment is provided with a blue marking plate and arrow to facilitate the identification of the embryo loading surface.

      Special Process: The loading embryo area treated by special process, the embryos are easy to load when frozen, and easy to fall when thawed.

      High transparency: The loading embryo area has high transparency to ensure that embryologists have a clear vision during cryopreservation.

      Access Convenience: With Holding Pen, Storage Box and Function Spade, easy to access Cryotube.

      Precise Localization,Every cryotube has its unique position.It can solve the problems that is hard to find someone`s embryo in the process of the freezing embryo.

      The storage Box is arranged by 8x8, the vertical column is the letter A to H, and the horizontal row is the number 1 to 8. Each position is composed of alphanumeric code, which ensures that the position of Cryotube is clear and easy to find.In the conventional 50L liquid nitrogen tank, 6 drums can be suspended, and each drum can store 5 sample storage boxes, so the storage capacity of each liquid nitrogen tank is 1920 freezing tubes.

      Fix position for Cryotube precisely

      1. A1 position is always at the only filleted comer of Storage Box, the other three comers is square, The design for avoiding cover errors.

      2. Position is composed of alphanumeric code, which ensures that the position information is unique.

      3. Each Storage Box has a unique bar-code.

      Stable Cryogenic environment

      1. Storage Box is designed to contain a amount of liquid nitrogen. When it full filled with liquid nitrogen, the temperature can be maintained for more than 5 minutes in the atmosphere.

      2. Two sides of Storage Box cover are carved into rectangle shape to ensure liquid nitrogen can quickly filled into it.

      Precise Localization Every embryo
      has the unique and precise position

      Pinzhi uses square bucket, different from the round bucket, square bucket has a clearer layering. Only one frozen box is placed on each layer,the box and the position are unique, which means the position of each embryo is more clearly located, eliminating confusion.

      The comparison of a liquid nitrogen tank to a "building,” each canister as block, the layer as floor, Storage Box is assimilate to apartment. The position of embryo could be as follows:

      Dr. Li's child lived at F5 unit, 4 / F, Block B, 3rd building in the Happiness Community. It means the embryo was stored in position F5 of the 4th layer, No.2 canister , No.3 liquid nitrogen tank.

      Embryo Positioning System
      embryo freezing Management System

      The embryo location management system is the core of the whole embryo freezing storage plan, it is the system that makes Pinzhi break away from the traditional frozen embryo management mode,realize innovation and intelligent freezing management, and has three features: easy to use,accurate recording and intelligent location management.

      Easy to install,friendly interface,easy to operate.

      Professional engineers install the embryo location management system, the installation process is simple, simple operation interface, embryologist can quickly start operation.

      Precise Record

      Recording of all information of the embryos completely and accurately, including the names of the couple, embryo identifier, quantity and position information.

      All records can be generated according to the daily and monthly cycle reports, easy quality control and management etc.

      Intelligent management

      The system can present the position information completely of the whole freezing area, the occupied and empty position of freezing and thawing. It makes it easier to organize and transfer embryo, take full advantage of freezing areas, and save time and space.

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