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      Pinzhi micro-pipette is made of borosilicate glass, UHMWPE and medical silica gel, which are drawn, assembled and sterilized by Y-ray irradiation in sterile environment.

      The product,which has passed sterility test, bio-compatibility test and mouse embryo test,meet all the safety requirements of clinical research.


      According to the actual use of the laboratory, the R & D team constantly improves the products to make them perfect. The micro-pipette has a variety of inner diameter options, which can flexibly deal with different sample sizes;

      The product know micro-manipulator specially designed for IVF, whose transfer handle is specially developed, has good handling and durability; Specially designed for IVF, the Pinzhi micro-pipette, whose transfer handle is specially developed, has good controllability and durability. The connector integrated with the glass tube has a unique invention patent. This design can make the micro operation tube and the operation handle complete the connection in a simple step, so as to avoid polluting the needle body or causing the fracture and loss of the needle body in the complex connection process.


      Each micro-pipette is individually packed and disposable, which is easy to open, connect, use and operate. It is convenient to use and can avoid the risk of cross contamination.

      Different from the similar products of other brands, the length of the front end of Pinzhi micro-pipette is about 3cm, and the design advantage is that it not only can better avoid the oocytes or embryos sticking to the inner wall of the pipette, but also has a clearer operation view, so that the operation can be efficient.

      Registration NO: 粵械注準20182180969 Invention patent NO: 201611129904X Utility model patent NO: 201621354402.2 Design patent NO: 201630604649.4

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